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Plywood and Panels

Plywood consists of layers of wood veneer laminated together with the grain of the wood alternating direction on each layer. Plywood is used in a variety of applications. The two biggest uses are for sheathing and underlayment. Sheathing is literally the skin over framing members, either joists, studs or rafters. Underlayment is used as a secondary layer over a base layer to add a stiff flat surface for finish materials such as flooring or a tile countertop.

Sheathing and Underlayment

4 x 8C.D.X
4 x 8O.S.B
4 x 8Radiata A.C.
4 x 8T & G Fir U.L.
4 x 8Advantech
4 x 8Edge Gold
4 x 8Treated
4 x 8Fire Rated
4 x 8Zip Sheathing
4 x 8Radiata T111

Cabinetry and Misc. Sheets

SizeType3/161/4'3/8"1/2"3/4"1"1 1/2"
4 x 8Marine
4 x 8Birch
4 x 8C-2 Birch
4 x 8UL MDF
4 x 8MDF
4 x 8Oak
4 x 8Primed MDO
4 x 8Classic Plybead
4 x 8Beadboard Panel

PVC Panels

4 x 8PVC
4 x 8PVC V-Bead

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